John Paul

Value – New Magazine Explores Tomorrow’s Markets, Enterprises & Investments

?There will come a day when you will not be able to tell the difference between a for-profit and a nonprofit organization.? Those words, spoken by the late Peter Drucker to the Harvard Business Review in 1993, planted the seeds that have led to Value, the first new business magazine in a decade.

Value offers a new lens on tomorrow’s markets, enterprise and investment. According to the editors, ?A large part of value creation has to do with maximizing economic value and financial returns for shareholders. Yet, it is increasingly obvious that in order to maximize economic value one must consider not simply the easily defined indicators we have traditionally relied upon, but rather the less easily defined aspects of value that are extra-financial often social and/or environmental in nature.?

Through original articles, analysis, and a blog, Value aims to stimulate energetic dialogue on the new challenges and opportunities that free enterprise will bring in the coming decades.

?As new variants of capitalism evolve, Value believes that investors, business and?ultimately?society will benefit from a rigorous examination of how real value is created and sustained.?

I couldn?t agree more! At Nextbillion, we’ve continuously challenged our readers to view the future of business from an ecosystems perspective, encompassing not just the bottom line, but how business interacts with society and the environment to achieve its growth. A quick scan of the articles published in the inaugural issue of Value reveals the same forward-looking perspective. Definitely worth checking out.