ViewChange Video of the Week: From Kenya, the Commercial, Ecological Life of a Flip Flop

The following video is one in a series from ViewChange, a multimedia organization managed by LinkTV and founded with support by the Gates Foundation, that is producing and procuring educational and inspiring videos from across the developing world. NextBillion is partnering with ViewChange to share these stories of enterpreneurship against the odds with the NextBillion community.

As we Americans get ready for the last summer holiday, Labor Day weekend, many are preparing to don their flip-flops for the last time. That last wearing of the flip-flop is ususally followed by tossing the cheap and “disposable” footwear into the garbage can.

But in Kenya, much-loved “pata-patas” are repaired, reused, and recycled – but never wasted. The film follows the long life cycle of this colorful footwear, a story full of resourcefulness, enterprise, and creativity.

This film was produced by Journeyman TV.