ViewChange Video of the Week: World Water Day and Drip Technology

Editor’s Note: Today is World Water Day, when we pause to reflect on our most valuable resource, and how to make it more acessable and sustainable. The following video is one in a series from ViewChange, a multimedia organization managed by LinkTV and founded with support by the Gates Foundation, that is producing and procuring educational and inspiring videos from across the developing world. NextBillion is partnering with ViewChange to share these stories of enterpreneurship, and although we’ve focused on drip technology in the past, this video is a start reminder of just how effective it can be.

Modern agricultural techniques tend to focus on helping farmers with large fields (and more money to spend), but an innovative, inexpensive drip irrigation system, developed with investment from the Acumen Fund, is helping smallholder farmers in India dramatically increase their crop yields.

The technology used here was developed by KB Drip, which supplies both Micro Drip in Pakistan and Global Easy Water Products (GEWP) in India.

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Agriculture, Technology