Heather Esper

WDI Workshop on Collecting Outcome Data at the Project Level

At WDI’s BoP Initiative, we have developed a robust, straightforward and low-cost process to collect outcome data at the project level. Our upcoming workshop (February 17-19, 2010) will focus on teaching organizations how to think through key components in order to develop a sound methodology to collect outcome data using the BoP Impact Assessment Framework.

This training workshop is designed to build attendees’ capabilities in developing and implementing a cost-effective process to understand, measure and improve local poverty alleviation impacts. Participants of the workshop will:

  • Develop a strong understanding of the BoP Impact Assessment Framework
  • Learn valuable lessons learned from the field based on previous impact assessment projects
  • Perform an initial strategic assessment of their venture’s impacts
  • Understand the key issues in developing & implementing a robust data collection strategy
  • Create an actionable plan for effectively assessing and enhancing impacts that they can bring back to their organizations

I look forward to sharing the insights we gain from our ongoing work with you all.