Scott Anderson

Welcoming NextBillion’s Content Partners

I’d like to officially welcome you all to the redesigned NextBillion.

Although we launched this new platform on Jan. 20, we’ve been in “Beta” mode, as we test, tinker and add new pages. Thanks for your patience up to now. In addition to the overhaul of our homepage and landing pages, we’ve launched several topic-drive blogs, which you can find under the Blogs area in the menu above. We also enhanced our Career Center section and spruced up our events page – among other changes.

I’m going to be walking you through these features, as well as fresh enhancements still to come, in the coming days and weeks. But we’ve made enough progress to discard that Beta sticker from our homepage. And today I’d like to focus on another addition – actually make that seven additions: our new Content Partners.

Each of these organizations are recognized leaders in their arenas, from enterprise development to financial inclusion and education, from micro and small business lending to patient capital partnerships. While they may have differing missions, they all contribute financial support, expertise, and mind share – and usually combinations of all three – to the cause of poverty alleviation through enterprise. You’ve no doubt heard from several of their leaders and in-house experts, many of whom have blogged for NextBillion in the past. And you can continue to follow their important work, insights, research and other initiatives on their individual partner pages, available on the Partners drop-down menu above or in the rotating window of partners.

I’d encourage you to check out each of these partners on their sub-blogs (each linked below). While you’re there, you can peruse past posts, follow them via their social media channels, and discover news and other information on their bulletin board, dubbed The Latest. Our new content partners include:

Acumen Fund
Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs
Citi Foundation
Inter-American Development Bank

Please join me in welcoming them to the NextBillion team.

Agriculture, Investing
William Davidson Institute