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January 21

James Militzer

Announcing Our New Series: NextBillion’s Most Influential Articles

NextBillion runs our customary “Most Influential Articles” contest at the end of each year, in which we select 12 of our most-read articles from the previous year, and invite readers to vote for the pieces that impacted them the most. To our surprise, we recently realized that 2021 marked the 10th year of the contest (time certainly flies…).

So to commemorate a full decade of thought-provoking analysis and opinion from entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and others across the emerging markets business and social enterprise sectors, we’ve put together a new series that highlights all of NextBillion’s Most Influential Articles from 2012 to today.

Besides providing expert analysis from a diverse group of knowledgeable guest writers, these articles also offer a window into the trends, topics and debates that have animated these sectors for the past decade. We’ll continue adding to this collection of articles as we conduct future year-end contests – but in the meantime, check out the series and enjoy 10 years of insights from some of the top thinkers and organizations in impact-focused business in emerging markets.


James Militzer is the editor of NextBillion.

Photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development




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