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Announcing the Nutrients for All Early Entry Prize Winners

What does Nashville, Tennessee have in common with Part-au-Prince, Haiti? The same thing as nutrient-rich urban farming and ecological sanitation: both are becoming hubs of food system transformation.

<--break->After searching long and wide, across sectors and through regions, Changemakers is proud to announce the Early Entry Prize Winners in our Nutrients for All: Vitality for People and Planet competition: Urban Farming Reimagined: Creating Large-Scale Distribution Opportunities for Micro-Sized Farms in the USA and Closing the Loop, Transforming the Poop in Haiti. Each of these entrants have been awarded a prize of US$500, and the opportunity to gain expert feedback on their innovations from leading social entrepreneurs and thought leaders at the Ashoka Globalizer Summit in Frankfurt, Germany on June 3-4.

These entries were evaluated per the Changemakers criteria — innovation, social impact, and operational sustainability — as the best competition entries submitted at or before the May 15th, 2013 early-entry deadline.

Urban Farming Reimagined: Creating Large-Scale Distribution Opportunities for Micro-Sized Farms

An entire city can efficiently feed itself on local produce alone, and Nashville Grown is out to prove it. First stop? Nashville. By aggregating produce from everything from tiny backyard gardens to multi-acre farms, Nashville Grown is building a wholesale distribution system for urban-farmed food that rivals Sysco. Currently, the team works with 15 farms and market gardens located within 100 miles of downtown. Read more…

Organization: Nashville Grown

Category: Healthy Environments, Nutrient-Rich Farming

Region of Impact: USA – Nashville, TN

Closing the Loop, Transforming the Poop

SOIL builds ecological sanitation (EcoSan) systems in Haiti that transform human wastes into rich compost. SOIL’s pioneering work emphasizes the value of human waste, and shifts the sanitation dynamic from waste disposal to resource conservation and safe reuse. By turning a public health problem into a sustainable solution for soil restoration, SOIL’s work sets a global example for how sanitation services can preserve nutrients and fight malnutrition. Read more…

Organization: Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL)

Category: Healthy Environments, Nutrient Rich Farming, Human Wellness & Vitality

Region of Impact: Haiti – Port-Au-Prince

Ashoka’s Nutrients for All and Ashoka Changemakers are still seeking your innovative solutions that will ensure the availability of nutrients for healthy, natural ecosystems, farms, food, and people. Enter before the deadline on June 19, 2013 for a chance to win cash prizes totaling US $45,000.

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