Amanda DelCore
Associate at FACTOR[e] Ventures

Amanda DelCore is an Associate at FACTOR[e] Ventures, which is a seed-stage impact investment firm. Amanda applies a scientific background and emerging market experience to source new ventures, perform technical due diligence, build internal investment theses, and manage portfolio companies. Amanda has also led internal R&D projects related to energy access microgrids and appliances. Amanda obtained her undergraduate degree in Physics, a Mechatronics Minor in Engineering, and a graduate degree in Sustainable Engineering with a power systems focus from Villanova University. Prior to working at Factor[e], Amanda worked as an environmental consultant for a multi-national organization where she worked in the power, agricultural, and pharmaceutical sectors. Prior to that, Amanda spent a considerable amount of time designing and installing both stand-alone and grid-tied small home solar systems, developing an appropriate headlamp solution for rural medical attendees in developing communities, and working with IEEE to make advances in open-source hardware.


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