Bryan Farris

Bryan is the Co-Founder of anteUp, a San Francisco Bay Area based start up focused on elevating the way that impact on the environment and society factors into everyday choices.


Bryan was recently a 2011 Acumen Fund Fellow, where he worked with Ansaar Management Company, a for-profit, low-cost housing development and management company in Lahore, Pakistan.  He was previously a consultant at Bain & Company, a management consulting firm.  At Bain, Bryan worked on a number of cases ranging from growth strategy to private equity due diligence.  Bryan also founded a group called global impACT at Bain, which is focused on supporting social businesses & building awareness.


Bryan is also the co-author of, a blog meant to celebrate social entrepreneurs and to explore the issues they face as they attempt to solve the world’s largest problem: poverty.  Bryan has long aspired to be a social entrepreneur with an aim to contribute to long term economic growth and progress in developing countries.


Bryan earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of California at Berkeley in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research as well as a Certificate in Management of Engineering & Innovation from the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.


Bryan can be reached via email at


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