Monique Cohen

Since 2012, Monique Cohen has worked as an independent adviser to a wide range of institutions on financial inclusion and consumer demand. From 2002 to 2012, she was president/CEO of Microfinance Opportunities, a nonprofit she founded. A recognized expert on poor people’s use of financial services and leading proponent of a client-centric agenda for microfinance, Cohen pioneered the introduction of financial education for low-income populations in developing countries and conducted groundbreaking work on using financial services to better manage household shocks. As senior technical adviser in USAID’s Office of Microenterprise Development, 1994-2002, she designed and led the AIMS client assessment project. She co-authored with Jennefer Sebstad “Microfinance, Risk Management and Poverty,” and a seminal study, “Reducing Vulnerability, the Demand for Microinsurance.” Subsequently, she wrote “From Insights to Action: Building Client Trust and Confidence in Branchless Banking.” More recently she developed a customer empowerment strategy for CGAP. Cohen continues to teach at the Boulder Microfinance Institute’s Microfinance Training Program. She is on the board of Cerise and has served on several expert advisory boards including YouthSave and the Center for Financial Inclusion. Originally from New Zealand, Cohen has a Ph.D. from Clark University, Worcester, Mass.

Articles by Monique Cohen

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