19th Annual Global Microfinance Forum

Over the past years, Uniglobal successfully evolved by bringing impactful gatherings and shared knowledge, one of them is to give Microfinance sector a chance to have an amazing annual one-on-one meeting opportunities and networking between MFIs, MIVs and Investors. To accelerate financial inclusion and sustainability, our key industry leader’s, senior experts and diverse minds will converge to bring forth innovative approach.
Uniglobal’s 19th Annual Global Microfinance Forum will address important issues such as increase in global regulations, future of financial inclusion, climate-smart financing, development impacts, pursuing an inclusive growth agenda, considerable financial turbulence and other key questions that industry facing right now and to help shape the financial system. By accelerating financial inclusion, we are creating a positive impact together while having an enticing, fruitful and unforgettable learnings.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dates: March 14, 2024 - March 15, 2024