2017 AFI Global Policy Forum (GPF)

The 2017 AFI Global Policy Forum (GPF) will take place from 13-15 September at the International Congress Center in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and will be the showcase of the unique financial inclusion initiatives undertaken by members in the Arab region. It is expected to be the largest and most comprehensive event ever held by AFI.

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) organizes the Global Policy Forum (GPF) as the keystone event for its members. Ever year, the event is co-hosted by a different member institution in a different region of the world.

AFI has more than 100 member institutions representing over 90 nations across the globe, making the GPF the most important and comprehensive forum for regulatory institutions with an interest in the promotion of financial inclusion policy. The forum is focused on the development and improvement of national financial inclusion strategies and policies, and is used as a platform for senior financial regulators to exchange ideas and engage in peer-to-peer learning activities.

Location: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Dates: September 13, 2017 - September 15, 2017