2nd Annual European Microfinance Summit

The second edition of Microfinance summit will indicate different perspectives between the West and the East Europe while identifying future challenges and overcome bottom lines. As the important segment is also comprised inclusion of the very rural and nun-developed areas among developing countries and helping them to find out new ways distributing the finances.

Alongside the Summit focus is towards social inclusion of Microfinance sector and social impact on financing, regarding impact investing of social and environmental success. Last but not less, the future development of Microfinance segment after 2020, the latest innovation that financial institution is facing while keeping on track with last and upcoming technologies and innovations besides intelligence platforms.

Microfinance in 2018 enters the Second Annual Summit succeeding the first Summit in Barcelona where overall discussions covered the power of Microfinance and future dimensions in micro-business segment, as well as, other minority segments in societies and social mission behind.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Dates: January 25, 2018 - January 26, 2018