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  • Dhaka, Bangladesh - 1 Day
    November 4

    Building Resilience: Inclusive Insurance in Managing Climate and Disaster Risk in Asia

    Join our discussions next month in Dhaka, Bangladesh as leaders from the public and private sector put their heads together to take action by developing insurance solutions to increase the resilience of low-income households in Asia, who are among the most vulnerable to climate and disaster risk in the world.

    Bangladesh – host country of the 17th Consultative Forum on 4 November 2019, to be held alongside the 15th International Conference on Inclusive Insurance (15th IMC) – is acutely exposed to tropical cyclones. In 2017 Cyclone Mora displaced half a million people in coastal areas and damaged 20,000 homes in refugee camps. Low-lying Pacific islands such as Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Vanuatu have already witnessed the first exodus of climate refugees.

    Against this background, the 17th Consultative Forum will bring together insurance companies, digital providers, policymakers and regulators to discuss how to reduce the protection gap – the difference between insured and uninsured economic losses – in climate risk and natural catastrophe insurance. Jointly organised by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii), Microinsurance Network (MiN) and InsuResilience Global Partnership, and hosted by the Bangladesh Insurance Association (BIA) and Munich Re Foundation, the Consultative Forum aims to answer one crucial question: What are the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder to reduce the protection gap in climate risk/nat cat insurance and what are the urgent steps that they have to adopt to make this happen?

    The 17th Consultative Forum is a must-attend event for insurance regulators and supervisors, policymakers, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, climate change experts, aggregators, and international development professionals. Key themes include: why does the protection gap exist and why does it matter?; what barriers do both the private and the public sectors need to overcome to build the resilience of vulnerable households and small businesses?; which innovative approaches have been addressing vulnerability to climate change and building resilience to shocks at scale?; and how can sovereign insurance and microinsurance reinforce and not undermine one another?

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh - 3 Days
    November 5

    15th Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets

    The inclusive insurance sector has experienced persistent growth in client outreach and premium volumes over the past ten years. Today, nearly 300 million low-income citizens in developing countries are covered by an insurance policy. New technologies are boosting market coverage. In Asia alone, the number of people insured through mobile phones exceeds 40 million. Furthermore, the G7 has decided to insure 400 million people against climate risks by 2020. Nonetheless, many people are still without cover or alternative risk management options. With the global middle class expected to grow to nearly five billion within two decades, we are looking at billions of people who are without a formal safety net from insurance and hence at risk of falling (back) into poverty.

    The need to respond to this situation by understanding the role of insurance for sustainable development and the management of climate risks, improving supply, heightening the awareness of insurance, creating the right regulatory framework and better understanding the particular needs of the low-income population is the main focus of the conference. Representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, distribution channels, investment funds, international organizations, NGOs and development-aid agencies, as well as academics, policymakers and supervisory regulators, from around 50 countries will attend the conference. Attendees will exchange views on current growth trends and risks in emerging markets and discuss key factors for successful implementation and maximized business opportunities to bring supply and demand to the next level.

    Structure and Objectives:

    The conference will feature panel discussions on key topics addressing an interdisciplinary audience. Additional working group sessions will deal in depth with subtopics. Interactive sessions hosted by partner organizations of the event will be a key part of the conference, facilitating dialogue in small groups on emerging issues. Keynote speeches will look at the latest international, national and local insights.

    Registration begins on 6 August 2019.

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  • Luxembourg - 3 Days
    November 20

    European Microfinance Week 2019

    European Microfinance Week, organised by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), is a key industry event hosting high level and in-depth discussions by all sectors of the financial inclusion community working worldwide. Welcoming 500 professionals each year, it’s a unique meeting point and an excellent forum for networking. The unparalleled three day event attracts leading experts, opinion-leaders and policy-makers to its plenaries and workshop sessions tackling front line topics.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with other top industry professionals, keep on top of the most recent innovations, trends & opportunities in the inclusive finance sector and attend the ceremony for the European Microfinance Award.

    NextBillion will be a media sponsor at the event, offering special coverage.

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  • Dakar, Senegal - 2 Days
    November 29

    2nd African Islamic Fintech Summit

    The International Islamic Finance Training Institute (IIFTI) and the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) member of the IsDB Group, and in collaboration with Tamweel Africa Holding (TAH), are organizing the 2nd  African Islamic Fintech Summit (SAIFI) on the 29 – 30 November 2019 at Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plaza – Senegal

    The event titled “African Financial Inclusion in the Digital Era”, serves as a Reverse linkage platform to  enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem and  to contribute to the African Digital Financial Inclusion Agenda. African financial institutions and Economic Decision Makers are invited to explore

    African financial institutions, Economic Decision Makers and Fintech operators are invited to explore and expose the latest  FinTech solutions and innovative idea(s).

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  • - 2 Days
    December 4

    Inclusive Finance India

    Inclusive Finance India is a global policy platform on financial Inclusion setup with the objective of enabling cross-pollination of best practices and breakthroughs, specifically to influence India’s Financial Inclusion strategy and campaign. Inclusive Finance India, with its legacy of more than 14 years, has provided a strong articulation for building a vision and a strong ecosystem with clearly defined roles for stakeholders and making key recommendations on financial inclusion policy, regulation, supervision, technology advancements, client protection and institutional framework.

    The Inclusive Finance India Summit strives to bring together all stakeholders in the financial inclusion value chain and to help create an eco-system where all efforts collaborate and contribute to a large aggregate outcome. The Summit seeks to inform, influence and support policy towards strengthening an enabling environment, besides providing a platform to discuss key issues and challenges and build consensus on the way forward. Appropriate session themes that will help in understanding the roles of diverse stakeholders, identify impeding and enabling factors, assess the value of different models, understand technological innovations, private sector initiatives and government initiatives that focus on financial inclusion are designed for discussions and recommendations.

    The Summit also provides opportunities for learning from experiences and innovations in other regions of the world. The Summit invites participation from the Ministry of Finance, the Reserve Bank of India, Banks, payments gateways, multilateral/bilateral agencies, private sector and other stakeholders from within and outside the country to share experiences and delve and deep dive into critical issues.

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  • Durban, South Africa - 3 Days
    March 10

    SG2020: The Future of Savings Groups

    The Global Savings Groups Conference Series is a biennial conference that engages a large and diverse community of stakeholders. The event develops and promotes improved standards of practice, mobilizes knowledge, strengthens partnerships and alliances, and creates opportunities for cross-organizational learning. Since 2011, The SEEP Network has been an active contributor to the Global Savings Groups Conference Series. Each event in this series has also served as a catalyst to increase the scale, sustainability, and impact of Savings Groups in the host country and region.

    SG2020: The Future of Savings Groups will take place on March 10-12 in Durban, South Africa, and offer a platform for attendees to connect, engage and learn from each other about the challenges and opportunities they face in supporting Savings Groups worldwide. This highly interactive and demand-driven event will bring together practitioners, private sector actors, donors, and public sector representatives from around the world. Participants will converge to share lessons learned, evolving practice, and innovative ideas through peer learning sessions, plenaries, lunch dialogues, and a working group meeting.

    Thank you to our local partners, FinMark Trust and SaveAct, for their generous support of SG2020!

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