Accelerate 2050

ACC 2050 will held at various venues in Los Angeles, with our Headquarters at EXPERT DOJO in Santa Monica.

ACCELERATE 2050 will feature more than 150 top speakers (investors, companies, consultants, non-profits, government officials and other top thought leaders) focused on accelerating the adoption of Climate, ESG, and Impact solutions on a global basis- in addition to the latest developments regarding Innovation/AI.


 · Climate Investing & Ecosystems in the Americas

 · Impact Investing 3.0 (Maximizing Impact)

 · ESG 2024: Lessons Learned/Progress Realized

 · Innovation & AI: How GOOD Can Prevail

 · Regenerating Cities & Communities for 2030

Location: Los Angeles

Dates: November 6, 2024 - November 8, 2024