Artificial Intelligence for the Impact Economy

Like the Impact Economy, machine learning transforms established ways of doing business. Recent breakthroughs have made this powerful technology accessible to a whole new range of businesses. Impact entrepreneurs are now using this organizational intelligence to pioneer some truly inspiring applications of artificial intelligence — including helping to combat the coronavirus.

This live webinar and Q&A features senior leaders from four growing businesses deeply involved in applying artificial intelligence for social and ecological impact. We will discuss, among other topics:

  • How machine learning is being used to help tackle the covid-19 pandemic
  • The kinds of problems for which machine learning is well-suited
  • Options for impact entrepreneurs in acquiring machine learning expertise
  • Challenges and opportunities in funding Impact AI
  • Building funder/customer capacity for understanding and applying machine learning
  • Opportunities for partnering with philanthropy and NGOs to develop Impact AI
  • Using mission to compete with well-funded “big tech” to recruit and retain tech talent

Time: 12-1:15 pm

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020