Aspen Ideas: RE$ET

Aspen Ideas: RE$ET will include a variety of programming, including three 1-hour plenaries and a wide selection of interactive breakouts across February 22 and 23.

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COVID has made it clear that our economy doesn’t work for everyone. In this pandemic recession, financial devastation stalks historically precarious populations — people of color, women, front line workers, and even the small business owner — who don’t have the advantages of long-term savings, access to capital, and other levers of economic empowerment. On the macro-level, addressing climate change and reestablishing the U.S. as a global economic leader loom large.

The job of building an equitable economy is enormous, but the world is awash with great ideas. At Aspen Ideas: RE$ET, we elevate the thinking of policy makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens as they forge ahead reimagining a bold new definition of a healthy economy — and start creating it now.

Location: Virtual

Dates: February 22, 2021 - February 23, 2021