Communications During a Pandemic

An interactive workshop designed for entrepreneurs, communications specialists, marketing managers, or anyone managing communications during these difficult times.
Questions we will address:
What can we learn about communication strategies with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis? What is working? What is not? Are there any new ideas or insights?
This workshop will help participants get a tangible understanding of how to build out a communications strategy, what is effective audience engagement during these times of crisis, and why it’s important for you as an enterprise to invest in.
We encourage open conversations and interactions during these workshops. Bring your coffee, block your calendar and register for the session to join us this Friday, 3 July 2020 Sign up for the session here.
Session Partner: India Development Review
India Development Review (IDR) is India’s first and largest independent media platform for the development community. They publish cutting-edge ideas, lessons and insights, written by and for the people working on some of India’s toughest problems.
When: 3 July, 4 PM IST
Session Facilitators: Devanshi Vaid & Rachita Vora, Co-founders & Directors, India Development Review

Location: Virtual

Date: Friday, July 3, 2020