Conversation 2: Good Governance for Girls’ Education: Creating an Enabling Environment.

When institutions crumble, so does often girls’ access to education. Girls’ education is a two-way street; missing out on school does long-term damage, not only to each girl, but also to the prospects of their communities and countries. We know girls are more at risk of having their education disrupted by poverty, conflict, epidemics or a pandemic like COVID-19, and millions – particularly adolescent girls – may never return to school as a result.

Yet, girls who do receive a quality education are more likely to delay marriage and childbirth and to have greater income and productivity – the basis for breaking the vicious cycles of poverty needed to foster peace and stability. While policies protecting and promoting equality in education might exist, more effective implementation is needed to not only guarantee access, but also ensure quality education – including secondary education, which oftentimes isn’t accessible to the most vulnerable.

So how can keeping more girls in school help support good governance? This event, hosted by Devex in partnership with the Hilton Foundation, will shine a light on the many interconnected ways that girls’ education and women’s leadership can help support the creation of more peaceful, equitable, and prosperous communities.

Discussions will explore how girls’ education can help support good governance and the enabling environment needed to ensure no girl misses out on school even in conflict affected areas, and the ways it can support stable and peaceful societies.


Jo Bourne, Chief Technical Officer, Global Partnership for Education

Sarah Browne, Founder, Theirworld

Lydia Wilbard, National Director, CAMFED Tanzania

Barbara Chilangwa, Executive Advisor – government relations, CAMFED

Moderator: Rumbi Chakambra, Associate Editor, Devex

Time: 10 A.M. ET/ 4 P.M. CET

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021