COVID-19 and Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Energy for All, the Clean Cooking Alliance, ENERGIA, and members of the People-Centered Accelerator are taking an active role to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting women entrepreneurs in the sustainable energy sector. We are all in this together and are seeking to better understand the effects of this global pandemic on our gender and energy community. By understanding current needs, we hope to better craft advocacy efforts for future funding and programming to sustain women’s businesses in the sector.

As a first step, we are organizing a “COVID-19 and Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship” webinar to create a virtual space for entrepreneurs in these unprecedented times to share their stories. Focused on elevating voices from the field, this webinar will showcase the experiences of entrepreneurs across the sector, unpacking insights on how this pandemic is impacting their company operations, customers, and communities. As women entrepreneurs are adjusting, bearing additional responsibilities due to the nature of their businesses, it is critical to recognize the invaluable, creative contributions and perspectives that women entrepreneurs can provide in support of energy delivery services during this pandemic.

As we adjust, respond, and hopefully rebuild in the near future, we hope that women will be at the center of those efforts, ensuring they have equal access to response and mitigation efforts. Please join us in what will be a rich discussion around challenges, as well as strategies, for supporting women’s businesses now and in the future.

Time: 9 AM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020