Digital Finance Africa 2023

Secure Horizons: Building Trust in Africa’s Digital Finance Future

Experience the pinnacle of digital finance at the #DigitalFinanceAfrica conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 2nd. Immerse yourself in a world where leaders, experts, and enthusiasts converge to shape Africa’s digital finance future. Stay ahead of the curve by uncovering the latest trends, connecting with industry peers, and seizing untapped business opportunities.

With the theme “Secure Horizons: Building Trust in Africa’s Digital Finance Future,” the conference tackles cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance to instill trust among consumers, businesses, and investors.

Forge partnerships with financial institutions, tech pioneers, regulators, and experts to collectively fortify trust and security. Join us as we redefine Africa’s digital finance landscape!

Location: Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2023