Financial Institutions – Outcomes Management Session – Cerise SDG Lab/LabODD

In collaboration with the e-MFP Investors Action Group and SPTF. Second Session of the Outcomes Management Webinar Series with Investors and Financial Institutions – September 2022

Objective: discuss the output of the Investors Session (Sept. 13, 2022), and get the experience of financial institutions on the same topics: what outcome data they need, what outcome data they manage to collect, what are the bottlenecks, which support/TA to improve data collection and analysis, which ideal set of standards outcomes indicators should be pushed for decision-making and reporting?

This webinar will contribute to moving towards a standard questionnaire to collect outcomes data that would support financial institutions’ strategic and operational decision-making and ease the reporting to the various investors. Discussions will help to prepare standards indicators to be collected on SPI online, to produce a Sustainability/Outcomes report, aligned with the SDG. Whether you are an investor, a financial institution member, or another industry professional, you can participate! Please register below.

Time: 2:30 Paris | 8:30 PM EST

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2022