How Can We Create Food Security and Ensure Strong Farmer Livelihoods?

The climate crisis is having severe consequences for the production of food crops, threatening both global food security and individual farmers’ livelihoods. More than ever, addressing the paradox of global food security and farmer livelihoods is imperative for both humanitarian and economic reasons. Despite producing enough food to feed 1.5 times the current global population, a staggering 800 million people go hungry, with women constituting 60% of this demographic. Moreover, a third of the global population suffers from nutrient deficiencies, indicating that quantity does not necessarily translate to quality in food distribution.The majority of our food production comes from smallholdings, with 84% of farms falling into this category. Farmers are custodians of much of our land and have generational knowledge of what works. And yet the average income per day of a smallholder farmer is just £1.50. This stark reality underscores the need for a farmer-centric approach.

Join this online written discussion to explore how we can solve for both food security and ensure quality farmer livelihoods simultaneously. And join others from diverse backgrounds to share insights of what has and hasn’t worked in other spheres that could assist progress here.

Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2023