ICE Climate and Capital Conference

Increasingly, investors consider climate risk to be investment risk. So, what can you do to better manage risk and adapt to a world where climate may be an important consideration when pricing and valuating assets?

Join us virtually for the annual ICE Climate & Capital Conference. This year’s event will be centered around three interconnected themes: adaptationinnovation, and regulation (“AIR”). Over the next decade, industry professionals will face increasing exposure to both known and emerging risks, including physical climate risk, biodiversity loss, large-scale human migration, and changing regulatory frameworks. Advances in environmental technologies and new ideas for improving the effectiveness of government policies are likely to shift the landscape still further. The ICE Climate & Capital Conference will provide attendees with practical tools to navigate climate-related challenges and opportunities.

Through a series of panels, fireside chats, and interactive discussions with industry leaders, attendees will come away with actionable strategies for both mitigating risk and fostering innovation to reduce emissions and build resilience for the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The event will be structured around three key themes:

  • Adaptation and mitigation
  • Innovations in climate technology and data
  • Regulatory developments
Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023