Impact-Linked Finance Online Roundtable

Do you know what these transactions have in common?

  • Premium payments to a social lender providing high-additionality loans to small agricultural businesses
  • Impact incentives for a chain of diabetes clinics raising equity investment on its way to scale
  • A working capital loan to an off-grid energy company that waives the last payment if pre-agreed impact objectives are met?

They all directly link financial rewards for market-based organizations to the achievement of positive social outcomes. We call it Impact-Linked Finance.

But this is only the beginning. Would you like to move one step beyond and make a whole range of Impact-Linked Finance instruments become reality? Following the launch of our recent report with the Boston Consulting Group – Accelerating Impact-Linked Finance – Roots of Impact would like to invite you to an exclusive virtual gathering to brainstorm how we can create a concrete roadmap together. In this kick-off meeting, we will showcase inspiring examples of ILF transactions, present the essential wisdom from our report with BCG and discuss how to push the impact boundaries in practice.

We are looking forward to accelerating Impact-Linked Finance with you!

Location: Online

Date: Monday, May 6, 2019