India Circularity Summit-Day 1

Our planet is an inflection point today. Hardly a day goes by without a warning being sounded on the perilous nature of our economic activities and its consequences on climate change, weather disruption and public health crises like COVID-19. Our linear, take-make-waste platform, which may have been practical when resource scarcity was a distant concern, requires a paradigm shift. Given that there are no good choices in a bad system, the transition from an economic system based on unlimited growth to one that is both ecologically and socially just must happen now. The answer lies in reinventing our economic system to arrive at an inclusive Circular Economy.

To address this crisis of perception, PYXERA Global is launching the inaugural edition of its India Circularity Summit. The objective of this summit is to initiate a dialogue to make circular economics mainstream and to arrive at actionable takeaways for all stakeholders across the spectrum, such as businesses, consumers, social sector organizations, start-ups, social enterprises, government, and academia.

Day-1 of the summit will have two sessions. The first will focus on Transitioning to a Regenerative Economy while the second will dwell on Net Zero and ESG and its implications for Indian companies.

A complete copy of the agenda for the summit can be viewed or downloaded from here

Time: 6:30 AM EST

Location: Virtual

Date: Friday, June 17, 2022