Innovation and Technology Forum (FIT) 2016

Innovation and Technology Forum (FIT) 2016 is part of Yayasan Inovasi Teknologi Indonesia (INOTEK) efforts to support the creation and development of high-impact and commercially viable invention-based startups and small and growing businesses (SGBs) that serve Bottom-of-the Pyramid (BOP) consumers.


FIT 2016 is an inclusive event designed as a platform for all stakeholders in the invention-based space to share knowledge, collaborate and forge partnerships. It is held annually since 2012 and over the years has become one of the premier events for invention-based stakeholders in Indonesia, attracting participants from diverse backgrounds, such as entrepreneurs, business incubators, academics, government officials, impact investors and philanthropy organizations.


This year, INOTEK, generously supported by The Lemelson Foundation and in collaboration with Akselerasi Inovasi – Bogor Agriculture Institute (Akselerasi – IPB), will hold FIT 2016 on 19-21 October 2016 at IPB International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java.

The theme for FIT 2016 is “Scalable Impact” and this year’s event will bring together an array of thought leaders and practitioners to discuss the untapped social, environmental and economic development opportunities of high-impact and commercially viable invention-based enterprises serving BOP consumers as well as their challenges.


FIT 2016 is part of INOTEK’s efforts to develop the capacity of high-impact and commercially viable invention-based startups and SGBs. It also provides the opportunity for business incubators, accelerators and other stakeholders with interest in supporting invention-based startups and SGBs to gain access to tools and information that can help them to further support the development of invention-based startups and SGBs.


FIT 2016 is designed to acknowledge and celebrate the role of high-impact and commercially viable invention-based technologies in supporting sustainable and inclusive economic development. As such, the event features an “Innovation Space” where selected innovators, inventors, and invention-based startups and SGBs serving BOP consumers showcase and introduce their innovation and technologies. Most importantly, “Innovation Space” will provide participants with a firsthand view of some of Indonesia’s most promising, both from impact and commercial perspectives, invention-based enterprises that serve BOP consumers.

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016