Islamic Microfinance Summit

what it is

Although Islamic microfinance with innovative product lines and systems has huge demand and acceptance across the world, international donor agencies are reluctant to provide funding to the Islamic microfinance industry. Without adequate funding sources, this can diminish and weaken the sector’s potential for growth.

Yet Islamic microfinance has a lot of potential. It can be thoroughly developed with the support of international Islamic development institutions and NGOs, local governments through uniformity in regulatory frameworks and procedures.

Another challenging issue is client awareness (in addition to regulatory framework) which is one of the essential requirements to successfully Islamic microfinance in any country.

The Islamic Microfinance Summit in Dubai covers a very versatile range of topics, which makes this conference appealing to IMFIs and banks, as well as private investors and development organizations. Speakers include the largest private and public investors in microfinance, Islamic banks and developing organizations from all over the world.

who should attend

Leaders and staff of Microfinance companies, Money Lenders

Anyone desiring to enter into the microfinance sector specifically IMF

Saving and loan companies |Banks |Insurance Companies

Upcoming entrepreneurs

Development agencies |Government institutions

NGOs, Civil Society Groups, Media


Location: Dubai, UAE

Dates: September 26, 2016 - September 27, 2016