Let’s Talk Coffee

For Let’s Talk Coffee® Global 2016, we’re returning to our roots but also looking toward the future. The setting will be a familiar one: We held the first three Let’s Talk Coffees® in Mexico and are excited to return to the country that started it all. Our setting will be beautiful Puerto Vallarta, a conveniently located destination that will draw the broad range of attendees for which Let’s Talk Coffee™ is known—from coffee producers and roasters to financiers and NGOs. This year’s theme will be “Prospering in the New Reality,” as we examine the economic, social, and environmental challenges we face in 2016 and collaborate as an industry to explore solutions. Bringing together all these stakeholders in one place will spark ideas, initiatives, and business relationships that transform the supply chain and define the future of specialty coffee. Join us at Let’s Talk Coffee® México as we:

-Forge new business relationships and strengthen existing ones
-Hear from industry leaders on subjects affecting the industry
-Identify solutions to these pressing issues
-Recognize producer excellence
-Cup excellent coffees
-Meet producing partners one on one
-Calibrate as a supply chain
-Visit coffee farms, agave fields, and tequila distilleries

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dates: October 7, 2016 - October 9, 2016