Meet the ChangeShapers: Changing the Way We Feed the World


As the world’s population has continued its relentless growth, agriculture has struggled to keep pace, resulting in food scarcity and hunger. Yet most of the land suitable for farming is already farmed, and resources such as water are in short supply. What’s more, by 2050 agricultural production will need to grow another 70% to meet demand.

The traditional agricultural model cannot meet this challenge without an innovation revolution. Fortunately, technological advances have given rise to a new “smart farming” future. In this new generation of farms, sensors and robotics carefully calculate and deliver the right conditions for crops to grow, while data analysis results in manifold increases in efficiency. Genetic manipulation will allow farmers to pick and choose the precise DNA sequence of crop or livestock.

The future of agriculture won’t be confined to the countryside either. Improvements in hydroponics and controlled-environment agriculture have made urban vertical farming increasingly viable, and as more people turn towards meat-free lifestyles, lab-grown meat is emerging as a new front for technology startups.

Who are the innovators at the very forefront of our farming future? In this Economist Event, supported by Mission Winnow, we will convene the greatest minds from across the industry who are changing the way we feed the world.

Time: 10 AM BST / 5 AM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2020