Moving From Impact Standards to Impact Experiments for Effective Social Value

Businesses, Impact Investors, and Philanthropy all aspire to measure the impact of their initiatives better. However, many of them struggle with finding the right approach. What complicates the process of Impact Measurement and Management?

“In order to go in a different direction, we need to build new roads.”
-Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Impact measurement does not have to be complicated. With practical experiments and continuous improvement, the long-term impact can be achieved.

1) How can I build clear evidence of my real impact?
2) What are the best ways to collect impact evidence?
3) How can I have continuous impact learning?
4) How can I understand the complexities of multi-dimensional impact issues?

They have found that the problem is not the traditional building Theory of Change, defining indicators, and collecting data but how it is applied. So many times, they see organizations creating a theory of change with 15+ outcomes and 50+ indicators and metrics!

Understanding one outcome is hard enough, and organizations wanting to measure 15 is nearly impossible. The core problem with this approach is that it leads organizations to get into an endless analysis mode. More importantly, it gets in the way of understanding actionable social impact evidence.

A new way to maximize social impact is,

1) Connect with stakeholders rather than Theory of Change
2) Conduct social impact experiments
3) Simplify data collection to measure what matters

This webinar is for organizations that engage directly with their stakeholders and understand their social impact evidence. The webinar will show you how you can prove social impact using four simple steps. Join them.

Time: 9:00 AM PT

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021