Neighborhood Economics: Healing Our Communities

2020 is a year that has not seen much hope. An economy of rugged individualism is killing us – from Covid to systemic racism to the survival of our planet. And the narrative being sold is that nothing can change.
But, they’re not buying it.

Too many of you are doing the hard work on the ground to bring hope to your communities. You’re creating equity funds for neighbors to invest in neighbors, launching startups and seeding entrepreneurs, banking black to break down racial barriers to capital, and building public-private partnerships to eradicate food deserts and payday lending.
A new economy of interdependence is emerging all around us.
That’s why Faith+Finance is convening Neighborhood Economics: Healing Our Communities, November 17 & 18, exactly two weeks after the election. Whatever the outcome, they must all choose to come together in hope.
The two day gathering will center on four pillars:
  • Creating a Culture of Change
  • Catalyzing Creative Funding
  • Reimagining Real Estate
  • Accelerating Entrepreneurship
Come share your story and passions with people who believe a different world is possible – entrepreneurs and congregations, investors and community leaders, artists and philanthropists. Bring your ideas and learn from peers and trailblazers. Your community is bigger than you may think.
Time:  to  

Location: Virtual

Dates: November 17, 2020 - November 18, 2020