Scaling Social-Tech

Israel is known as the “Startup Nation”. It is one of the leading hubs in the world for technology based innovation, and a leader in many areas. In the past few years, entrepreneurs and investors have began to harness the Israeli talent, creativity and drive to develop innovative and scalable solutions to global social and environmental issues.These startups, referred to as “social-tech” startups, hold a unique offering for international organizations, governments, corporations and private investors, to generate high financial profits alongside high positive impact.
(Please see further information on Israel, social-tech and impact investments in the attached document).
TechForGood, an Israeli based organization aiming to support and develop the social-tech ecosystem, has joined forces with the Swiss Embassy in Israel, to bridge between the incredible amount of resources allocated to impact investments, and the tremendous potential Israeli entrepreneurship has to address these issues.
Scaling Social-tech conference
For the first time, global sustainability and impact investment leaders are coming to Israel to discuss how the local Israeli ecosystem can develop, scale and bring results on large scale. Among the speakers in the conference will be:
  • Sir Ronald Cohen. Chair, Global Steering Group for Impact Investing
  • Virginie Helias. Vice President Global Sustainability, Procter & Gamble
  • Katherine Brown. Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing, WEF
  • Andreas Ernst. Head of Impcat Investing, Anthos Asset Management
  • Olivier Delarue. CEO, Global Humanitarian Lab
  • Jon Duschinsky. Founder & CEO, The Invisible Hand Company
Following the conference there will be held a startup competition, showcasing some of the leading and most inspiring social-tech startups in Israel.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017