TechSparks 2023

Why Mumbai For over 12 years, TechSparks has been in Bengaluru, where thousands flew to India’s startup capital to join the country’s largest startup-tech conference. Now, it’s time to spread our wings. We’re headed to Mumbai! After all, India’s financial capital is home to nearly a third of the country’s unicorns and is a major startup hub buoyed by innovation-friendly policies and a favourable investor base. Join us as we dive into Mumbai’s role in building India’s tech agenda.

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Tech 25 Web3 Innovation Report An annual research report for discovery, showcase & amplification of high potential, emerging projects in Web3. Last year, YourStory and Web3 incubator Builders Tribe unveiled the Top 25 Web3 Innovations report, a specially curated list of promising, Indian founder-led startups in the blockchain segment. At TechSparks Mumbai, YourStory will unveil the second edition of the Top 25 Web3 Innovations report! The report is part of YourStory’s commitment to developing narratives around the blockchain and the Web3 space, and to curate, build and empower cohorts of innovative and disruptive Web3 startups that have the potential to solve problems at scale. Previous year’s report included

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Location: Mumbai

Dates: March 22, 2023 - March 23, 2023