The Next Frontier for Business: Social Justice & Sustainability


Resilience through sustainability is needed more than ever. As the line between business and social and environmental issues is disappearing, the private sector is learning how it can be a productive partner in promoting solutions to issues such a social and environmental justice, food insecurity, climate change, supply chain transparency, overconsumption, and more. They are coming to the realization that addressing these issues through core business strategies is not only good for society but also good for business. Attend one or all of the panels to hear from those leading efforts to create a more resilient world.

Justice for our planet and justice for all people are two profound conversations that are happening simultaneously. Panelists will explore the intersection of social justice, the environment, and resilience in business decisions. They will share valuable insights into how businesses can take responsibility for their impact on communities, especially among low-income and minority communities. They will explore how businesses can innovate to not only profit, but better serve communities.

What is the next frontier for businesses in their approach to sustainability and social justice? Join us as we dive into these critical issues facing businesses today. Student host: Sustainable Global Enterprise club.

Time: 6:00 PM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021