The Next Move: The Value of Worker Voice

In the face of today’s health, social justice, and economic crises, many workers feel that their voices are devalued. After decades of underinvestment in employee welfare, business leaders are waking up to the interdependency of their organization’s success and the well-being of their workers. How can companies ensure that worker voices are no longer discounted or drowned out, but seen as valuable inputs?

Join our expert panelists:
• Jim Keane, President & CEO at Steelcase
• Carmen Rojas, President & CEO at Marguerite Casey Foundation

Moderated by Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor at Fortune Magazine

We’ll host a timely conversation on how businesses might respond to this moment. What’s The Next Move business leaders should make to meaningfully integrate worker concerns and insights into decision-making processes?

Time: 2 pm ET (US and Canada)

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020