The Secret Life of Bankers: How They’re the Key to Building the New Economy

Have you ever thought about why it matters where you and your company bank?

To create a new economic system that is just, fair, regenerative and better for the world, we need to think about our money in a very different way.  Banks were originally created to be in service to the community, but our financial system is not working for the majority of us or for the planet. Banks are the engines of capital and the core of the economic system. When that capital becomes a tool for the people, it accelerates justice and equity, improves the environment, health, and communities, resulting in a better society for all.  Join us for a conversation with leaders in the field of finance and justice to consider how banking can be a tool for change at the societal, community, business and personal levels. This event begins with a panel discussion, followed by Q&A and ample time for networking.

Event Schedule: Wednesday June 14th

5:00pm – Doors open
5:30pm – Panel
6:30pm – Q&A
6:45pm – Networking

*It is important to the presenting partners that everyone interested is able to attend. For questions or to request further discounted tickets, please contact

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2017