Think Forward Initiative 2020 Summit

From initiative to movement: help to achieve a financially healthy society.

The 4th edition of the TFI Summit will empower and connect change-makers from all around the world. Relevant solutions, the latest research, new ideas and creative thinkers… TFI Summit 2020 is set up to inspire change makers in collaborating and amplifying insights that can make (or are making) a difference in creating a financially healthier society.

17th December: Register Now

Attendees will be (virtually) a part of an important conversation around how research and innovation can help to achieve a financially healthy society. Featuring keynote speeches, the latest research, a panel discussion and interactive sessions.

Below you will find the full program of TFI’s Summit, which will be broadcast live on December 17th, from 10:00 until ± 16:00 CET. Use the registration form below to register for the full broadcast and choose the sessions you’re interested in. Once registered, you will receive a personal link to the live broadcast on the day of the event.

Choose a masterclass you want to join (one session per round):

  • Round 1: Game: Poor for 1day – hosted by Nibud. Note: 1.5 hour, max 60 persons
  • Round 1: How to apply behavioural science in business – hosted by
  • Round 2: Up for change! A platform initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Finance to enhance financially healthy consumer decisions – hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Finance
  • Round 2: How to Become a Financial Health Business – hosted by Marisa Walster from the Financial Health Network

Time: 10:00 CET

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2020