WEBINAR: Partnerships Delivering Inclusive Business

Why are partnerships typically so fundamental to effective inclusive business strategies?  And why are they so difficult in practice?

What are the different types of partnerships needed to deliver inclusive business models, improve value chains, and build coalitions for change?

These are the questions under discussion in the cross-sector webinar that brings together Sean de Cleene (Yara International) Darian Stibbe, (The Partnering Initiative) and Simon Brossard (Hystra) on 28th April at 2pm BST.

We will be discussing Yara’s experience in agriculture, Hystra’s experience in sanitation with the Toilet Board Coalition, and comparing cross-sector perspectives brought by The Partnering Initiative.  We will look at two kinds of partnerships:

  • Partnerships that are catalysing value chain collaboration for disruptive business models:  how Yara has engaged in these to roll out input supply to smallholders and how the Toilet Board Coalition has helped to catalyse these across businesses and other actors
  • Public-private alliances for change:  how broad coalitions are seeking to transform agriculture and catalyse a sanitation revolution, and why and how businesses get involved.

Location: Webinar

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016