Webinar/Q&A: Seeking Authenticity in Impact Investing: A Year in Review

Over the course of 2019, there has been a discernable, growing focus on “authenticity” in the impact investing and entrepreneurship space. As more and different types of capital — some of which is more unintentional and self-interested than conscious and mission-centric — enter the space, there has been an increasing interest in finding ways to maintain authenticity and keep impact investing “on mission”.

In this 2019 Year in Review webinar, three impact investing luminaries address these and related questions:

  • What is authenticity in impact investing?
  • Is “impactwashing” (or “greenwashing”) a growing concern? If so, how can it be identified and, if necessary, called out?
  • How vulnerable are ESG practices in/reporting by public companies and ESG investing to impactwashing?
  • What is the relationship between personal authenticity/transformation and authentic impact investing?
  • What steps can impact entrepreneurs take to ground their businesses in authenticity and locate capital that is truly mission aligned?
  • How does the growing practice of place-based investing assist in grounding authenticity of impact? What are the challenges of maintaining authentic impact focus in this community-centric investing and entrepreneurship movement?
  • Why is authenticity essential for building a transformational impact economy?

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019