World Circular Economy Forum 2023

The World Circular Economy Forum 2023 will gather together forward-looking thinkers and doers and present the game-changers in the circular economy.

Practical information for participants

For all those who will be joining us in Helsinki for WCEF2023, we have gathered some practical information(download PDF) to make your visit and participation in the Forum easier. Please note that you can already collect your badge at the event venue, Messukeskus (Messuaukio 1, Helsinki) on Monday evening, 29 May from 16 to 20 EEST (UTC+3). There’s a free wi-fi connection available at Messukeskus. Here’s a list of hotels with pre-negotiated rates(download PDF). Please check this page for regular updates.

WCEF2023 – Circular solutions for nature and the economy

Hosted in Messukeskus, Helsinki, the World Circular Economy Forum 2023 will provide a unique opportunity to create momentum for a nature-positive future. The Forum will present a focused agenda and harness our collective energies on accelerating the needed transition over the coming years, showcasing global change makers and building the capacity to collaborate. WCEF2023 will mark the seventh iteration of the annual Forum and occurs at a pivotal moment for economies, societies and our planet.

We already know why the circular economy is a must, but the world needs examples. WCEF2023 will focus on the how, inviting especially businesses, financiers and youth to pinpoint the potential and bottlenecks of advancing circular solutions. The Forum will facilitate conversations and create a wider understanding on how the circular economy allows us to tackle some of the complex root causes of resource overconsumption, pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss all at once.

The forum will explore circular solutions for nature and the economy, covering a variety of topics, such as: finance, accounting and metrics, everyday life and health, future skills, regenerative agriculture and forestry, finite materials and energy, mining, trade, strategies and road maps, fashion and textiles, food, construction and the built environment, plastics and packaging, electronics, and hydrogen. The third and fourth day are reserved for partner-led programmes that can take place anywhere around the world or online.

To enable participation from around the world, WCEF2023 will be live-streamed online, open to all and free of charge. Attendance in person is by invitation only.

In addition to the main event, Side Events can be organised throughout the year, excluding the forum days. Side events organised from 22 May to 11 June will be listed on this event page, and the full list is available on Sitra’s website.

WCEF2023 is co-organised by Nordic Innovation and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, with international partners.

What is WCEF?

The annual World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) presents the world’s leading circular economy solutions with business leaders, policymakers and experts participating from around the world.

Circular economy approaches can help businesses seize new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage, as well as contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Dates: May 30, 2023 - June 2, 2023