Courtney Lawrence

Defining (Social) Entrepreneurs Up

Type in the word “entrepreneur” in a Google search engine and you will get over 28 million results. Check out September’s Harvard Business Review and you will find an entire spotlight section dedicated to the subject. One way or another, it’s almost impossible to escape the term these days.

Yet, how do we define this ever-evolving field that promises both efficiency and effectiveness while generating impact? In a keynote address delivered to the Novartis Power of Partnering National Meeting this week – Valeria Budinich, Ashoka’s Vice President of the Full Economic Citizenship Initiative – presented the case for not only why (social) entrepreneurship is important for non-profits in the business of making a difference, but also why collaboration is key.

How do individuals, organizations and companies change systems, scale social impact and generate cash sustainably? She drew on the different models, concrete examples and underscored the transformational power of Hybrid Value Chains. Check out the full keynote presentation below and don’t pass up the complimentary New Alliance for Global Change article here.

The the slideshare presentation is below … or you may visit the site here.