Jenny Everett

The FOUND Middle Series: FUNDES in Latin America

Next in our video series we introduce Ueli Frei, executive director of FUNDES. Frei discusses the organization’s work helping large corporations organize their suppliers and distributors and facilitating sourcing from small businesses. In the interview, he highlights the importance of working together globally to address some of the challenges faced by our sector, but also the importance of regional dialogue and collaboration to address issues specific to a certain geography.

This video is part of our “FOUND Middle” series, which focuses on some of the many businesses and intermediaries that make up the “missing middle.” A growing number of organizations are working together through the ANDE network to find and support these businesses – which in turn create jobs, wealth, and goods and services for local communities. Over the coming months we’ll continue to share stories with you of what we’ve “found” in the missing middle.

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