Ana Escalante

Intellecap: BOP-related Jobs and Magazine

microfinance insightsIntellecap, a pioneer organization in bottom line investment – Rob has blogged about them before – have postings for a couple BOP-related jobs all across the board.

Intellecap is a consulting firm focused on capital advisory for the inclusive finance space and creating and delivering mainstream, profitable solutions to address the problems of poverty and expedite sustainable development. Intellecap works with microfinance organizations across India, development of financial institutions, social investors and social entrepreneurs from around the world. They believe in being profitable while also supporting sustainable development and a progressive workforce. Intellecap’s services and initiatives help the development industry consolidate and disseminate knowledge, and build networks.

The most recent issue of Intellecap’s quarterly magazine “Microfinance Insights” is out this summer. This edition concentrates on “Capital Markets and Microfinance”. It is an interesting issue, full of good articles ranging from microfinance institutions and stock markets to the IFC in microfinance and banking for the poor. Their cover story for this issue is ?Microfinance Valuations: Chimera or Science.? The article explores the complexity behind the social and commercial aspirations of microfinance, as well as offering metric valuations applicable to microfinance. I found particularly interesting charts on microfinance market indicators in the ?trends? section of the magazine.The subscription of the magazine as an individual, for a year is $35 USD and $60 USD for two years. For a more details on the job listings and for the preview of the magazine, please refer to the attachments.