Executive Director

Kenya Education Fund
United States or Kenya
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Email resume and letter to KEFEDjob@gmail.com
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Executive Director Position Description

The Kenya Education Fund (KEF.org), has an outstanding track record of enabling needy students in Kenya to thrive by providing them scholarships, training and other assistance, and is seeking an experienced leader (minimum 5 years leadership experience) with demonstrated fundraising prowess to provide overall leadership, fundraising results and strategic guidance to grow the organization’s impact as Executive Director. Position reports to the Chair of the Board of the KEF and is supported by a Director of Operations (and team) and a Finance Manager based in Kenya, and by a fundraising manager in the US. International experience (especially in Kenya or Africa) will be a plus.

JOB TITLE: Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Chairperson of Kenya Education Fund US Board

Kenya Education Fund (KEF) is a blend of three non-profits; Nomadic Kenyan Children’s Educational Fund (NKCEF), Kenya Education Fund, and Children of Kibera Foundation (CoKF) formed in 2001, 2005 and 2007 respectively. NKCEF and KEF merged in 2011 and later merged with CoKF in 2014. The organization has more than 20 years of collective experience promoting education in Kenya.

KEF, a public charity, is registered in the US as a nonprofit and separately in Kenya as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). As required by laws in these countries, KEF has two Boards of Directors – one in the US and one in Kenya. They monitor and evaluate the functions of KEF based on its objectives as outlined in the strategic plan 2021-2024. The Kenyan Board provides organizational and managerial oversight needed to implement the strategic plan while the US board together with the Executive Director determines overall strategy, coordinates the fundraising and resource mobilization efforts, as well as oversees the budgeting exercise and provides oversight to ensure KEF expenditures are within the budget. Both boards have fiduciary responsibility for KEF. The Chair of the Kenya board attends the US board meetings.

KEF’s primary focus is to provide high school scholarships to promising but needy students, allowing them to transition into and complete high school. As an added value to our scholars, we provide life skills and career readiness workshops that help improve academic performance and prepare students for life after high school and commit to covering a “bridge year” for at least the top-performing students to enable them to continue with their education.

To provide economically disadvantaged students in Kenya with scholarships, support and educational resources for them to improve their lives and communities.

Self-reliance for people in Kenya through education.

Cores Values
 Integrity
 Transparency
 Equity
 Inclusivity
 Compassion

1. Spearhead all fundraising events and marketing/fundraising activities including but not limited to:
 Proposal writing to corporates and foundations (Main method to expand sponsor base)
 Giving Tuesdays
 Fundraising and “friend-raising” events
 Website and web campaigns
2. Establish and maintain relationships with KEF sponsors and seek to renew and grow the number of sponsors each year
 Bring on board agreed number of new sponsors both individual and corporate on a yearly basis. Key performance indicators will be number of renewals and the number of new sponsors enrolled in the quarter per category.
 Maintain an up-to-date database of all sponsors, sponsor prospects, including the most current point of contact, phone and email address and correspondence.
 Maintain up-to-date files for each of the KEF sponsors with
o Updated invoicing data
o Issued tax certificates
o Copies of appreciation/ thank you letters sent out
o Accounts reconciliation indicating whether the sponsor is up to date with their contributions and if not indicate reason and cause of action within a specified period to regularize account.
o Copies of any reports issued.
o Updated database of Sponsor pledge cards
3. Be the public face of the KEF, representing the KEF in meetings, events and functions as may be required from time to time.
4. Establish and maintain relationships with KEF strategic partners and stakeholders.
5. Provide organizational, financial and systems oversight and administrative support
 Ensure smooth running of KEF and supervise directly the staff working in fundraising and finance and the director of operations
 Review wire requests, approve and ensure transfer of required funds to KEF Kenya NGO in a timely manner
 Coordinate the timely mailing of letters to our sponsors and other stakeholders as necessary
 Ensure all checks received either by post or otherwise are deposited into the KEF account and account reconciliation done in a timely way.
 Ensure proper management and tracking of all credit card donations and ensure that updated records are maintained for all receipts.
 Coordinate the preparation, review and filing of all KEF monthly reports for smooth running of the operations.
 Oversee the implementation of the KEF nonprofit budget to achieve the set objectives and be accountable to the chairperson and the entire KEF nonprofit board.
 Ensure that appropriate controls are in place to protect the integrity of the financial resources entrusted to KEF.
6. Audited Accounts and 990 Preparation
 Coordinate the preparation of year-end financial reports, ensure timely independent auditing of KEF financial statements and on time submission/filing of the audited accounts in line with the regulator requirements in the US and Kenya
o Ensure the implementation of any recommendations given by the auditors for KEF’s continual improvement.
 Coordinate with independent accountants for the timely preparation of IRS Form 990 and ancillary State agency reports. [Please note that the KEF is currently registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia and New York State charities bureaus.
7. Budget Preparations
 Act as the coordinator for the budget development and make budget recommendations to the board finance committee.
 Convene the budget meetings as appropriate to assure timely approval of the budget to ensure smooth running of the organization.
8. Operational Oversight
 Oversee the operational leader in Kenya enabling that person to be an effective leader of the operations staff in Kenya and supporting him/her in preparation of reports to the US/Kenya boards, funders and sponsors.
 Report regularly on the operations in Kenya to the Kenya NGO Board, as well as the US KEF nonprofit board
 Periodic traveling to Kenya
9. Staff supervision and growth
 Ensure that all persons employed by KEF are of the highest integrity.
 Oversee a process of regular goal setting and performance review for each person on the staff to support the strategic goals of KEF and the growth of each staff member
10. Any other duties that may be assigned by the Chairperson of the board/ US KEF nonprofit board.

1. Demonstrated experience in fundraising for an international NGO including proposal writing and representational skills
2. Good networking skills
3. Excellent communication skills
4. Great interpersonal skills and experience leading a team
5. Experience working with cross cultural teams is an added advantage
6. Attention to detail and capability in designing and implementing systems for accountability and integrity

1. Continuously grow the donor/ sponsor base
2. Year on year financial growth of KEF in support of the current strategic plan
3. Smooth KEF operations and up to date records maintained
4. Annual KEF audits conducted and filed on time, with no significant management concerns identified
5. Annual budget developed and approved on time
6. Timely progress reports presented to the board and funders