April 12

Press Release: Tideline and Multiplier Advisors Announce Strategic Partnership to Serve the Growing Institutional Interest in Investing in Social Determinants of Health

Tideline and Multiplier Advisors today announced a strategic partnership to support health-focused impact investors—such as healthcare organizations, insurers, and foundations—that are directing investable assets to address social determinants of health (SDOH) while targeting the alignment of financial, business, and community impact performance. Through this partnership, Tideline and Multiplier are aiming to unlock $5 billion of new impact investing capital over 5 years to address SDOH, defined as the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live and age. This capital would roughly triple the size of known impact investing commitments by healthcare organizations and activate more capital from foundations and insurers.

Tideline is the preeminent consultant in impact investing and Multiplier is the leading advisor to health-focused investors in the U.S., including health systems. The partnership creates the needed bridge between the impact investing and healthcare industries, leveraging Multiplier Advisors’ deep knowledge and understanding of health with Tideline’s best-in-class impact investing expertise.

Tideline and Multiplier have already partnered on several engagements. To-date their partnership has helped clients bring new health system impact investing strategies online, refine health impact theses, build knowledge and curate conversations among boards and executive teams, and scale products for health investments.

Colby Dailey, co-founder of Multiplier Advisors: “Multiplier and Tideline are bringing to life the solution set connecting the impact investing and health industries. Health investors, and in particular healthcare organizations, have the potential to be among the largest and most catalytic asset owners in impact investing.”

Added Mikelle Moore, Multiplier Advisors co-founder: “Healthcare organizations are by nature and definition mission-oriented and collectively have billions of dollars that, through impact investment, could drive transformation at an unprecedented scale in both regional and national markets. Tideline has the most robust impact investing expertise and knowledge out there – we’re excited to bring that to our clients.”

Ben Thornley, Tideline Managing Partner: “The most successful approaches to impact investing are tailored to the specific, evidential needs of targeted beneficiaries and build on an investor’s unique goals, capabilities, expertise, and networks. With the benefit of Multiplier’s deep understanding of SDOH and the healthcare organizational context, we will be in a unique position to help clients create purpose-built impact investing strategies that are more effective, and more likely to be scaled over time.”

Alice Pomponio, Managing Director of BrightEdge, the impact investment, innovation and venture capital arm of the American Cancer Society, stated: “We applaud the news of the strategic partnership between Tideline and Multiplier and their shared goal to leverage the impact investing markets to better address SDOH. Tideline and Multiplier have engaged with us and supported our vision to advance the fight against cancer and promote health equity through our venture capital and innovation investment approach and we look forward to their success in mobilizing the impact markets for health.”

In the U.S. today, health institutions have a range of existing economic drivers where applying an impact framework makes good business sense – for example, consider that these institutions hold an estimated $450 billion in invested assets, spend $340 billion on non-labor costs, and boast a workforce made up of 9.7 million essential low-wage workers. While most health institutions are already investing in SDOH in multiple ways, to what extent is largely unknown, untracked, and unmeasured. As the firms move into their next phase of partnership, they are building on Multiplier Advisors’ “Whole River Paradigm,” a model that operationalizes a vision for health systems to define their long term mission and business objectives, identify what assets can and should be aligned, and where alignment already exists. Read more at

This partnership between Multiplier and Tideline signals the direction the health industry is headed – where health systems can demand more of their assets to ‘do both’ – have measurable impact on SDOH and protect capital as forever institutions.

Said Bert Zimmerli, retired EVP and CFO of Intermountain Health, the largest non-profit health system in the Intermountain West: “Properly done, impact investing can produce financial returns as a component of a fixed income portfolio as well as measurable social and community returns. Another example of when doing the right thing is good for business when viewed with a long-term lens.”

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