Francisco Noguera

Register Early for the ANDE Latin America Conference in Granada, Nicaragua

This year will see several gatherings and discussions around the role of the private sector and social enterprise in the development of Latin America; following the Miami Social Enterprise/ Social Venture Capital Conference, Granada, Nicaragua, will welcome the first ANDE Latin America Conference to discuss the role of small and growing businesses in Latin America’s fight against poverty.

It’s interesting to see such conferences taking place closer to where the action is, where entrepreneurs are working to get their ventures off the ground and where the challenges of poverty are most acute. There is yet a second reason that makes the Granada conference special, and that is its focus on collaboration and coordination among the organizations supporting the SGB movement in the region.

To be more specific, this will not be a conference open for discussion among entrepreneurs and investors/funders. Neither is it a high level venue, designed for the leaders of investment funds and technical assistance providers. Instead, it’s designed to address the needs and challenges of organizations like those affiliated to ANDE, which share a common goal but face challenges making collaboration and cooperation happen on the ground. Several training modules and sessions on specific sectors and areas of interest will be available. The agenda is explicitly designed to make something happen and have a list of clear action items once the venue comes to an end.

Early registration expires this coming Friday. If your work revolves anywhere close to the role of enterprise markets in Latin America’s development, register now.

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