Linda Peia

So You Want to Create an HVC? Four Criteria to Help Get Started

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Over the past five years, Ashoka has been pioneering a new framework for unlocking underserved markets – collaborations between businesses and social actors who are driven to (re)define or transform a market, generating impact not only on a company’s bottom line but also on millions of lives. We call them Hybrid Value Chains (HVCs) – hybrid not just in value, but also in the operational approach, as companies and social actors capitalize on their particular areas of expertise to deliver a valuable product or service that neither partner could provide on its own.

As companies and social actors are approaching us to find out how to engage in HVCs, we have distilled our thinking into four main principles. To learn more, use the buttons below to navigate through the different criteria. A podcast, case study and other useful information shed light on what it takes to create a successful HVC, with examples on how Amucss and Zurich unlocked the life insurance rural market in Mexico, innovative finance mechanisms, among others.