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New Study Details Problems and Prospects for Mobile Phone Banking

Mobile PhonesBy all measures, this has been a pretty long post to finalize.

In January, Ana’s post about the mobile phone banking conference at Chemonics aroused a series of insightful comments. Al Hammond then weighed in with a post of his own (he also recently wrote about Biometric Security for Mobile Banking). In this context, I felt I could join in the debate with a post about business strategies in the mobile phone banking sector (or m-banking, as it is commonly known). Specifically, I set out to analyze what affects mobile phone banking business models, their most common critiques and their challenges for the future.However, the post quickly got a bit out of hand, growing beyond what I had envisaged to more than 10 pages. With this in hand, I felt I could develop it from a blog post into a ?proper? study. When I finished it, I decided to try my luck and get it published. Thanks to the support of Professor Juan Luis Martinez, I got it published as an Instituto de Empresa Teaching Note. Due to work commitments, I could not sign all the required papers until February the 27th, during the BoP Conference here in Madrid (which we recently covered).

I hope that this study helps to clarify many of the issues we have touched upon here at NextBillion, and that it helps stimulate yet more questions.

After doing some research on the issue (I am by no means an expert), there is one thing I can say with certainty: the very field of mobile phone financial services is opening in front of our eyes. It is very exciting indeed.

To download the study, please click here.
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