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Twitter Top Ten – 11-2-14: Our favorite tweets of the week

One of the cool things about being a NextBillion editor is you come across all sorts of fascinating material in the course of doing your job. It’s impossible to document all of it, especially the wonderful, ever-expanding world of Twitter. But that hasn’t stopped us from trying.

Herewith, the third installment of our “pilot feature” in which we highlight the top tweets we encountered the previous week. We haven’t hampered ourselves with a lot of rules; our goal is simply to point out important developments, opinions and resources in our coverage areas along with, hopefully, a few smiles thrown in.

O?f course, we’re bound to miss some interesting stuff along the way and we need your help putting a spotlight on the best of the best. Tweet your favorites our way (general social enterprise topics to @NextBillion or NB managing editor @ScotterAnderson, global health topics to @NextBillionHC and financial inclusion topics to@NextBillionFI) ?and if you like the way this is going, we’d greatly appreciate a retweet.

And from the “Because they can’t be serious” folder …

Health Care
Base of the Pyramid, business development, financial inclusion, impact investing